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Sommcasa Andorra i Sommcasa Barcelona és una botiga de mobles de tendència i materials de qualitat amb tot tipus de mobles per a la cuina, el menjador, les habitacions i altres espais de casa. Tots els mobles disposen de diferents acabats i compten amb l'assessorament de professionals.


The combination of colors and a very minimalist aesthetic can create a bedroom for many years.

For one or two children, there are always several options for your children’s dream room.

Youth dormitories must be current and must be able to cover all the needs of their small inhabitants.

All kinds of spaces to be able to store everything a young teenager needs.

In smaller rooms with little space, a bridge is a very good option to complement the space needed.

Wardrobes with sliding doors or hinged doors, depending on the space of the room we advise you one or the other.

Upholstered beds for young people is a great choice to give a feeling of a senior room.

The perfect bedroom for those who need a dressing room inside a closet.

A good distribution of furniture can completely change the feeling we have of a room.

Today cribs can be included 105cm wide, this way we know that the bed will last you until you are almost an adult.

A stretcher for a child can be much more than a simple bed, it can be their battlefield or their palace where they can enjoy their childhood.

A high bed with a desk underneath can be a great option in small spaces.

All kinds of handles, colors and finishes available to make the combination and the perfect bedroom.

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