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Sommcasa Andorra i Sommcasa Barcelona és una botiga de mobles de tendència i materials de qualitat amb tot tipus de mobles per a la cuina, el menjador, les habitacions i altres espais de casa. Tots els mobles disposen de diferents acabats i compten amb l'assessorament de professionals.


Now you see me, now you no longer see me. A kitchen that hides and has as its main element an island.

Design and styles to choose from. A kitchen with colonial doors and modern lines may be what you need.

Islands can have dual functionality. In this case, in addition to being a kitchen element, it also makes us a divider of the kitchen and dining room.

The essentials of a kitchen can also be the center of it. A good island can be the center of a home.

The counters on the islands can be very useful for us, they can be used for both cooking and eating.

A good bar on an island can make everyday life easier for its owners. Every family has their customs and the kitchen should be a personal item.

Two islands in one. Using the island as a cooking space and at the same time as a dining space (but differentiating it with two different materials) is a very modern and current option.

If you need more space to work, an island can help generate more area for cooking.

A small, tidy kitchen can be much more cozy than it looks.

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