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Sommcasa Andorra i Sommcasa Barcelona és una botiga de mobles de tendència i materials de qualitat amb tot tipus de mobles per a la cuina, el menjador, les habitacions i altres espais de casa. Tots els mobles disposen de diferents acabats i compten amb l'assessorament de professionals.


Coffee tables with round and decorative shapes are a modern and current option.

Straight lines and materials such as wood and glass, is a perfect combination.

Large, medium or small formats, there are all kinds of coffee tables, you just have to choose one.

Vertical arrangement with different storage spaces where panels, shelves and drawers are combined.

Metal structures and rounded shapes can give a lot of play to your home

The rectangular coffee table is a classic choice. But with current designs, you’ll be up to date on everything.

A pouff can also serve as a coffee table, you choose what use you want to give it.

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