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Sommcasa Andorra i Sommcasa Barcelona és una botiga de mobles de tendència i materials de qualitat amb tot tipus de mobles per a la cuina, el menjador, les habitacions i altres espais de casa. Tots els mobles disposen de diferents acabats i compten amb l'assessorament de professionals.


The wrapping of our bed highlights our way of being and our personality, we have everything you are looking for to suit you.

Canapés can also be light, with a headboard and with a design.

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in our homes, we must be able to enjoy our dreams in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Room accessories have just completed our ideal room.

If we want a bedroom with wood and at the same time with clothes, we can always combine these two materials.

A good pillow on the headboard can help us enjoy those moments of tranquility that we spend in our beds.

The beds show much of our personality, we can show our way of being with our bedroom.

Design and innovation to create the most modern beds for the most daring.

Beds with wooden frame and headboards, the best option if the most pets in the house scratch everything.

If you have a bedroom with space, and you want to place the bed in the center of the space, this is a very good option.

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