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Sommcasa Andorra i Sommcasa Barcelona és una botiga de mobles de tendència i materials de qualitat amb tot tipus de mobles per a la cuina, el menjador, les habitacions i altres espais de casa. Tots els mobles disposen de diferents acabats i compten amb l'assessorament de professionals.


The door we choose for our kitchen will greatly mark the style of our home.

Dishwasher at a height so you don’t have to lie down is a very good solution.

Small kitchens can also be very beautiful and modern, just choose the materials and make the perfect combination.

A linear kitchen can have all the necessary items you need. Hidden, in the least suspicious places or in sight, you decide.

Do you want to stand out with your kitchen?
The combination of black with wood is a guaranteed success.

A kitchen with open furniture, shows the life of its owners, and a living kitchen is created.

In 330cm you can have all the elements you need for a kitchen.

A dark wood can create a very warm and cozy atmosphere.

If in a linear kitchen you add a table, you can have everything you need in a few m2.

Accessories help complete our kitchen, when it is small and does not fit everything we would like.

If there is a part of the kitchen that you do not want to see, it can always be hidden.

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